At Chronologie, we combine our passion for high horology with a business model oriented towards making luxury watches accessible to anyone who wishes to invest in such a status symbol.
Why trust Chronologie
At Chronologie, we offer you a large collection of luxury watches, which we obtain through an extensive, global network of authorized dealers and respected wholesale distributors. Consequently, we ensure quality, authenticity, and highly competitive prices, up to 40% lower than the manufacturer recommended retail prices.
All our timepieces, whether new or pre-owned, are 100% authentic and accompanied by a stamped and dated international manufacturer’s warranty, as well as their original documentation and box. Your transaction is executed through secure payment systems, and the items are dispatched fully insured and free of shipping charge within the European Union.
We encourage you to browse our fine collection of luxury wristwatches, and contact us even if you cannot find a specific model you desire. We will make every effort to acquire it and offer it to you at the best possible price. We also provide additional services, like watch maintenance and repairs, as well as customised purchase proposals according to your personal profile and preferences.
Why buy a luxury watch
Although it is often said that time is relevant, for us it has an absolute dimension, which relates to our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service and satisfaction.
For you, buying a luxury watch is your opportunity to invest in an item of timeless value in an age of cheapness and decreasing refinement. It can mark an exceptional moment of personal success, or constitute a prestigious gift in the context of your personal or professional relationships.
If you share our passion for fine watches, find your next acquisition in our specially selected assortment. If you need any advice or assistance, describe your preferences to us and we will provide you with suitable tailored suggestions for you to choose from.
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Impeccable, personalised customer service is our primary goal. We will be glad to hear from you and respond to any question or query you may have. Give us the opportunity to get to know you and earn your trust.
For us at Chronologie, each customer is not a faceless internet buyer, but an individual with their own, unique needs and preferences. We wish to make you feel welcome and part of that group of people for whom buying a luxury watch is not simply a process, but a rich experience.
At Chronologie, we all strive to earn the trust and satisfaction of each and every customer, a mission which we believe requires far more than simply offering low prices. Our satisfied customers’ kind words about our business are our most cherished reward, and they themselves, our valued brand ambassadors. You can read what they had to say about their experience of shopping with us by clicking below.

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Tudor has recently propelled itself into one of the hottest, top-trending luxury watch brands. The so-called “sister” of Rolex, as they share the same founder, the great Hans Wilsdorf, is building on a solid heritage of quality, yet affordable tool watches, to establish itself as the epitome of value-for-money in the luxury watch industry.
TAG Heuer, Chronologie

TAG Heuer


With a long-standing tradition and specialization in chronographs, TAG Heuer continues until today to excel in precision timekeeping, closely associating itself with the world of sports, from the Olympic Games to Formula 1. With its famous model Monaco on the wrist of Steve McQueen being perhaps its most iconic image, TAG Heuer is one of the most recognizable brand names in the luxury watch industry, justly carrying the motto “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860”.