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Why Shop at Chronologie

At Chronologie, we combine our passion for high horology with a business model oriented towards making luxury watches accessible to anyone who wishes to invest in such a status symbol. We offer you a large collection of luxury watches, which we obtain through an extensive, global network of authorized dealers and respected wholesale distributors.
Thus, we ensure the authenticity of our watches, the superlative quality that is characteristic of the leading manufacturers in the fine watch industry, and the highly competitive prices that online shopping can offer. This way you can benefit from prices that are up to 30% lower than the manufacturer recommended retail prices. All our timepieces, whether new or pre-owned, are 100% authentic and accompanied by a stamped and dated international manufacturer’s warranty, as well as their original documentation and box.
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Our Philosophy

What does ‘Chronologie’ mean?


For us, it is the abstract space where the science of time meets the art of luxury.
Chronos, Time, as a philosophical notion, physical dimension and measurement of change, and Logos, as thought, reason and creation, constitute two fundamental conceptual entities that accompany human existence since its very beginning. Through this perpetual transition from past, to present, to future, we perceive and experience time – the time that our luxury watches indicate and measure – as the idea and concept of space enters the realm of pure consciousness.
This is the reason why a watch, essentially an instrument for measuring time, can nowadays acquire a new dimension and represent a symbol; a symbol not only of power, prestige, success, and opulence, but also a symbol of high aesthetics. It is our goal to transform this unique conception of time into a rich, tangible experience – into luxury on hand.


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Please note that as a company we do not have a physical store. For security reasons, we do not keep our stock at our offices. Watch viewings, whenever possible, are strictly by appointment only.

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